Yarra Junction Bowling Club offers its Members, and the local community, a full range of lawn bowling from competitive inter-club league games (such as Pennant) to very relaxed fun evenings with friends and family (such as Barefoot Bowls).

In between there are our own Club Championships and competitions, Social Bowls, The Community Cup, Quicka Bowls, and Indoor Bowls.

For events such as Social Bowls and certainly community events, dress is casual (with flat soled, or no, shoes).  In some inter club events, such as Quick A Bowls, dress is also casual but includes the Club Shirt, whereas Pennant requires full Club uniform.

“Social Bowls” is just that, “social”, with a bit of added competitiveness. All Full and Social Playing Members are welcome and we make up some appropriate sides on the day, depending who turns up.

These games are on Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm and Friday mornings from 9am till 12,  and if you are there in good time it is easier to arrange teams; if you cannot make it on time then we will fit you in somewhere!

“Indoor Bowls” is played … indoors and its players (some of whom find it good practice for the outdoor game) compete for the Indoor Bowls Championship. There are special carpets that can be laid out in the Clubhouse for the games which are generally played on Tuesday afternoons ( 12.30 for 1 pm). They usually take place in winter but the air conditioned Clubhouse is a good place to be on some summer days too!

Competitions can be Club Championships between (Full) Members, and the Inter Club Games can either be one-offs or part of a series such as, most importantly, Pennant, or Quicka Bowls

They can be purely “friendlies” (most people are “friendly” anyway!) arranged for a bit of fun, socialising, and even practise.

Practise games are held just before the Pennant season starts to give local teams a bit of practise against each other under Pennant conditions.

Local and State Championships are held, with plenty of notice, throughout the Summer, and can be singles, doubles, triples, fours. Some are between many clubs, others are for individual Title Seekers.

The Community Cup  YJBC plans to hold this  competition annually on Friday evenings in Summer

We hope to attract teams of three or 4 from local community groups, businesses (especially our Sponsors), sporting clubs. schools and groups. YJBC will provide a trophy which the winner can hold and display proudly far a year- but the emphasis will be on fun.

The bar will be open, there will be music and a sausage sizzle. As the daylight fades play can continue under our floodlights. One experienced player may join a team of three beginners to act as player/coach.

YJBC will provide the bowls so just bring flat shoes or bare feet. The cost is $5 per person.

We can only accommodate 14 teams so please telephone Ian MacGregor (0419 685 425)

“Barefoot Bowls” is played on summer evenings. It does not have to be literally “barefoot”.  Flat soled shoes are acceptable . We usually run a BBQ have music and the bar is open . It is usually a fun night but a bit of competition always seems to creep in.

“Quicka Bowls” is an inter club form of the game with four Clubs competing at the same venue. It is an excellent pathway into Pennant for new and “Social Bowlers” providing a chance to play in each position in the side. Pennant players like to join in too so it is held outside the Pennant season. The action is non-stop and it is a lot of fun.

“100 up” is a derivative of the usual game but includes handicaps to help less experienced players. In the usual game Side ‘A’ gets a point for each bowl in front of any of Team ‘B’s bowls. So the score could be anything from 1 to 8 (yes, it can happen – but not often!). In 100 UP the closest bowl gets 4, the next 3, then 2 and 1. The first player to reach 100 (including handicap if any) wins.

More details can be found at Rules and conditions of play  and our players for the next week are to be found at “YJBC Teams”.