Club Championships

left to right: Nic Wal – runner up / Peter Willis – winner

Club Championships played 2018 – 19 were:

Men’s Singles Champion: Ian MacGregor
Runner Up: Gordon Windebank

Ladies’ Singles Champion: Alice Kroes
Runner Up: Nancy Stevens

Mixed Doubles Champions: Alice and Gordon
Runners Up: Nancy Stevens and Terry Boodle

100 UP*: Champion: Alice Kroes
Runner Up: Ron Kerford

Indoor Bowls Champion: Glenis Scheibl
Runner Up: Noel Goodman

2019 -2020 Singles

Mens :-

Congratulations to Peter who is our new Men’s Singles Champion. He defeated Nic, who had to retire after just four ends due to ill health, in the final.

Womens :-

The Womens Competition has been CANCELLED due to the low number of entrants and ill health.

OPEN PAIRS 2020   (2-4-2 format, 15 ends, 18 ends final).

Pairs partners have been selected at random this season. Round 1 will be played at 9.30 am Thursday 12th March (or before Thursday 19th March).


Ian & Peter W.  16        v. David & Nic  17

Bev. & Lindsay  9         v. Noel & John  16

Semi Finals (Thursday 17th March – 9.30 am)

David & Nic          v. Noel & John

Elly & Doug           v. Nancy & Peter B.

*”100 UP” is a derivative of the usual game but includes handicaps to help less experienced players. In the usual game Side ‘A’ gets a point for each bowl in front of any of Team ‘B’s bowls. So the score could be anything from 1 to 8 (yes, it can happen – but not often!). In 100 UP the closest bowl gets 4, the next 3, then 2 and 1. The first player to reach 100 (including handicap if any) wins.