Return to the Green under Covid 19 conditions.

Please don’t forget that most of us are in the high risk age group.

The Victorian Government, Bowls Victoria and Yarra Ranges Council have all agreed that we can play bowls again but under strict conditions. We believe that if we follow the guidelines that have been emailed to all members and are displayed at the club we will meet all the conditions that have been imposed.

From 10th July 10 players are allowed on the green, with a maximum of two players per rink. However SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES STILL APPLY.


“Cindy McLeish joined Bev Foster and Elly Byrne on the Green. Cindy brought the excellent news that we have been awarded a grant to purchase equipment to encourage ladies to participate in lawn bowls.”

Bowling Club 3D

Green Keeper

Yarra Junction Bowling Club

Our club has a relatively small membership but is very friendly.

We welcome new members whether they are beginners or experienced bowlers.

The club will continue to support diversity and equal opportunity.

Our goal is to ensure that the whole community has access to the game of bowls for fun, gentle exercise and healthy competition. We aim to increase our membership numbers to a point where we can convert our old grass green to a modern synthetic green to complement our newly installed synthetic green and run several teams.

And, to ensure we maintain our reputation as a Community Club with access to all we have a portable ramp which can be used not just by wheelchairs but also by anyone perhaps not quite as mobile as others.

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