Hall & Green Hire

Hall Hire

Yarra Junction Bowling Club Members are fortunate to have the use of a spacious hall and bar with a fully equipped kitchen. They are pleased to offer these facilities to the community for hire for meetings, parties or functions. The hall can seat up to 70 people. YJBC is also glad to be able to offer hirers the chance to play bowls on the Green as part of their event if they wish.

Green Hire

You also have the option to hire the Green Only for your private bowls experience with support from club members .

For more information or booking please Contact

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Terms and Conditions

The premises, that is buildings and land, are leased by Yarra Junction Bowling Club from the Shire of Yarra Ranges and all who use the hall must  follow these terms and conditions. The person who hires the hall is referred to as the Hiree and Yarra Junction Bowling Club is the Hirer

It is the responsibility of the Hiree to follow any Covid guidelines in place at the time of hire

No smoking is allowed anywhere “in the premises” where “premises” means not only the buildings but all of the grounds inside the gate.

The liquor licence allows drinking alcohol  within the “Red line” which  is within the fenced area of the premises . No drinking or eating is allowed on the green other than water.

The licensing hours from Monday to Saturday are 10 AM to 11 PM, but end at 8 PM on Sundays, and between only 12 PM and 8 PM on Anzac Day.

Dogs are not allowed “in the premises”.

The time of hire, and charge, will be agreed between The Hirer and The Hiree before the event, and the charge paid before the event.

The Hirer may ask for a bond to be paid at the same time as the charge which will be returned if the Hall and contents are left as found.