About Us

Yarra Junction Bowling Club, set up in 1962, is to be found behind the Sports Complex in Yarra Junction which, although rather hiding us from publicity, does give us a very quiet spot, almost in the bush, to enjoy our game.

Many of the sports clubs in and around Yarra Junction have adopted “The Eagle” as their emblem and nickname. Yarra Junction Bowling Club even has a carved eagle in the Clubhouse and now, as part of the Community Sports Clubs, our new shirt carries an eagle too. (The Wedge Tailed Eagle can be found throughout Australia but is particularly prevalent locally and can often be seen soaring high over the hills which surround us.)

We are included in The Eastern Ranges Bowls Region of Bowls Victoria to whom we are affiliated, and our Constitution is similar to all such affiliated Clubs which are part of Bowls Australia. Any of our players will therefore be allowed to play, and indeed be welcomed at any Bowling Club in Australia and overseas. The Constitution does not “fit all” so we have our own By Laws as well.

We are lucky enough to have a synthetic Green which was laid 2 years ago. It drains well and does not, of course, become muddy so we can use it in light rain and quite soon after heavier rain. The Green has 7 rinks so that we could accommodate up to 56 players at once. It is certainly one of the best Bowling Greens around and we are very proud of it. It was, of course, very expensive and was paid for not only by members but also by grants and donations from many including federal, state and local governments and the Bendigo Community Bank.

If you want to be warmer in Winter, or if the rain is just too much, Yarra Junction Bowling Club has a  active group who play Indoor Bowls as well. There are three long, specially marked, carpets in the Clubhouse, and the bowls are smaller, otherwise it is similar to Lawn Bowls.