Club Championships 2020/2021

100 up Finalists 2021

David Ockwell winner

Ian Macgregor Runner up

Club Championships played 2018 – 2019

Men’s Singles Champion:                   Ian MacGregor
Runner Up:                                           Gordon Windebank

Ladies’ Singles Champion:                 Alice Kroes
Runner Up:                                           Nancy Stevens

Mixed Doubles Champions:               Alice and Gordon
Runners Up:                                         Nancy Stevens and Terry B

100 UP*: Champion:                            Alice Kroes
Runner Up:                                           Ron Kerford

Indoor Bowls Champion:                   Glenis Scheibl
Runner Up:                                           Noel Goodman

2019 -2020 Singles

Mens :

Congratulations to Peter who is our new Men’s Singles Champion. He defeated Nic, who had to retire after just four ends due to ill health, in the final.

Womens :

The Women’s Competition has been CANCELLED due to the low number of entrants and ill health.

Pairs finalists (socially distancing) left to right Noel Goodman, Elly Byrne, Doug McMillan and John Byrne.

PAIRS 2020 OPEN   (2-4-2 format, 15 ends, 18 ends final).

Pairs partners have been selected at random this season. Round 1 was  played at 9.30 am Thursday 12th March


Ian & Peter W.  16        v. David & Nic  17

Bev. & Lindsay  9         v. Noel & John  16

Semi Finals (Thursday 2nd July – 1.00 pm)

David & Nic  6           v. Noel & John 20

Elly & Doug 15           v. Nancy & Peter B. 7

Final (Wednesday 8th July -10.30 am)

Noel & John B. 28      v. Elly  & Doug 5